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Exploited Black Teens Review

Reviewed: 2012-12-21
Quick site rank and complete review of Exploited Black Teens | Categories: Legal Teens, Ebony, Ethnic, Reality, Video

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gold rank
Our Rating: 92/100

Quality of Content: 23/25

Purchase Value: 20/20

Leased/Own Content: 15/15

Update Frequency: 8/10

Content Variety: 8/10

Tour Promises/Reality: 5/5

Originality: 9/10

Navigation: 4/5

Images: yes

Live Shows / Chat: no

Streaming Video: yes

Downloadable Video: yes

User Rating For ExploitedBlackTeens

User Rating: 65/100 - based on 765 votes.

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Standard price: $29.99 (30 days, recurring at $29.99 / 30 days)

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Tour Promises

The most dirtiest and nastiest black teen fuck videos. All exclusive and in high quality, downloadable straight to your computer.

My Opinion About ExploitedBlackTeens

Young black girls getting down and dirty, while the camera is running? Yup, that's exactly what awaits you at ExploitedBlackTeens.Com. These guys managed to put the most amazing collection of chocolate beauties together, that I have seen in a long time, and believe me I have seen many :-) I know I sound pretty optimistic from the very beginning of this review and there is a reason for it, this site really impressed me. The girls look hot, they are fresh and young and the videos are long and great in quality.

But let me tell you more about the site, and about the content offered, ok? Exploited Black Teens is a truly unique site, and it's not because of the nature of the content or the storyline. What makes this site stand out is the attitude of the guys "acting" in the videos. Finally there is a bunch of porn guys who are gentle to the models, they don't degrade them in any way and it's pretty obvious that the girls enjoy every second of their performance. These guys are "white" by the way, so it's actually an interracial site.

I don't know about you, but I am sick of all that rude porn stuff hitting the net lately. For me the woman is a being that deserves to be dealt with gently, even in case she is having sex in front of the camera. Maybe that's why I liked this site that much, these guys know how to handle females and how to make them feel good :-)

But back to the content. This is a video site, so obviously videos are the main part of the content. There are also some pictures available, but in average quality, so don't join this site if you are looking for pics only. I am a huge video fan, actually I don't give a fuck about pics anymore, so that was absolutely no problem with me :-) Videos are presented as full time scenes, and right now there are 112 pieces available, mostly featuring a different model, but some seem to act in more than one scene.

Like I already said, these black teens are truly hot, check out the sample pictures to see some of them, or just take the tour to see them all. I almost forgot to mention that these videos are all exclusive, you will not find them anywhere else on the net, unless someone steals them I guess :-) Their quality is also great, you can play them and full screen without any problems. Moreover, all the videos are downloadable - in Mpeg format.

The only thing I didn't like here, was that all scenes are cut into small 1 minute clips without getting the option to download full scenes (30-45 minutes each) in 1 large file. But at least there is a thumbnails showing you what is each clip about, so you can pick the action scenes at once. General scenario in the videos goes like this - there is a bit of talking at the beginning of each scene, giving you some basic info about the model and next think you see, is a hot black teen giving head to some lucky white guy. The rest is pretty obvious, lot's of hardcore sex, covering all common ways of "love making" :-)

Besides the exclusive content, there are also some extra interracial videos available. Actually just 2 complete movies, that you can download. Pretty good stuff if you ask me, but I liked their exclusive series better :-)

Final Verdict

Exploited Black Teens is a very good site, actually I think it's a great one :-) If black teens are your thing, you shouldn't miss this site. Once again I have to repeat myself and point out the beauty of their models and the overall atmosphere of this great interracial sex site. There is already a big amount of videos available and weekly updates should bring in more and more stuff over time. The price is also very reasonable and considering the 100% exclusivity of their content, it's actually pretty low.

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2012-03-30The Best Porn71

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User Comments

Command Com
2018 Dec 05, 12:16,
This site sucks. When you see all the models advertised you think WOW. When you join, there is ZERO content of them anywhere on the site

2016 Jan 15, 12:10, phoenix
I am a married white guy. A few years ago I met a black guy at a bar and he asked me if I ever had sex with a black guy. I said no, never. He pulled my hand into his crotch and asked if I would like to see his dick. My hand would not pull away as I felt his hardening dick. I was seduced so quickly. It was the best sex I ever had. I want to do that again.

2014 Nov 02, 23:35, UGANDA
It is an abuse to the blacks

2013 Dec 03, 14:04, BRAF

2012 Jul 22, 23:30, jamaica
i like this site great girls with great booty

2012 Mar 31, 11:20, Fl, miami
--- this website is the best, if there ever was a website to get you and your girl worked up it is this one. I mean ton's and ton's of the cuttest girls fucking and sucking dick like it's an every day thang this website is without a doubt the best no matter what you prefer to see. they got big asses, big titty's even got girls who have cute fuck me faces. (that's really what its all about those faces can cause a robot to blow a fuse or two) i rate this site a million.

2011 Apr 13, 06:27, VA
The reviews says the girls enjoy it? It's called acting. Also the guys treat them with respect? Then why do they never go down on them? But they would through their ugly, short, white cocks in their mouths with no problem.

2010 Apr 29, 05:58, lagos
waoh this site is d bomb

2010 Mar 19, 16:17, South Africa
Yep nd she was dilciouse do u hav a nother one 4 me

2010 Feb 26, 22:26, 94560
like it all

2009 Aug 19, 02:49, ath
you stupid JB FROM ATL who tell you that white girls love black dick so much,or maybe they tell you that story-black man big dick and white man small dick.you are completely wrong,because i am white my first and last girlfriend was black so i fuck in that way so the next day they will go and take medicine because of pain,and they complain because of pain,-''please i cant stay on top''- .so now you are telling us all this nonsense that you do this and that.

2009 May 08, 15:16, UrFace
Rubbish site! All teh videos are POV so you can jack off to the guys butthole and it seems like he's the only guy shooting the films, so in the middle of the movie you lose the action while he gets his balls scratched. Etc. etc. FAIL!

2009 Apr 19, 23:03, america
this site rocks;black teens are rally sexy

2009 Mar 05, 14:33, ATL
HonkeyDick I concur, white chicks are the easiest ones to get. They won't say anything to you for fear of being alienated and possibly ridiculed from the white race. But I have fucked about 2 white girls already and had my dick sucked by maybe 15 of them already. Most of them just take anything once they're all drunk and loaded. Only black girls who hung around tons of white people in their life are usually the ones who end up doing shit like what you see on exploitedblackteens.com. The ghetto ones are just in it for the money. So shut the fuck up and get your facts straight cracker, white girls are easy and they love the hell out of some black cock. I look forward to fucking the shit out of many more of your white women. Oh, I also love it when they want to play the whole slave (Black Snake Moan) game with me, now that's what I call revenge motherfucker.

2009 Feb 15, 11:18, 1999
i love black girls and I'm so handsome and white i don't know why i love them !!!!!!!!!!!1

2009 Jan 23, 06:35, br
Is very good, alls girls

2008 Nov 06, 13:13, 64429
My white dick loves black girls. I licked a black girls asshole I met at the titty bar and it tasted just like chocolate and her wet pussy tasted like strawberries.

Booty Lover
2008 Oct 12, 10:25, 19440
I am a 19 year old white man that just loves the black female ass and pussy. I would die to be that white dude fucking and getting his dick sucked by all them sexy chocolate girls. So far I have only fucked 2 black girls and had my dick sucked by about 10 or 12 but I sure hope to get many more.

2008 Jul 26, 06:53, ct
i like blck teens

2008 Jul 11, 09:34, ph
it's most baddest site on earth

2008 Jun 15, 15:27, texas
who is "me say" she is fucking beautiful?

2008 Apr 16, 08:29, CORDELE

2007 Dec 23, 02:42, l.a., ca.
there are lots of us white guys that are considered 'nigger lovers'. i only put my white meat into black vagina. the blacker, the better. this site is fantastic for young black pussy! i swear some of the girls look like they are 16! very exciting! i recommend it! contact me, if you are a white guy, and a NL!

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2007 Sep 07, 15:35, pakistan
this site very good i love sex very very much i whant to see open sex.ur sex pix is beauty full i like that.

2007 Jun 26, 12:27, lesotho
They are beautiful

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i love this sight.i've never seen so many fine black honey's.they must love white meat.

dee dee
2007 May 08, 10:44, sweden
i love to see my white dick in a black girl!

2007 Mar 21, 00:23, GULFPORT
As a black man all that I can say is that I love black women

2007 Mar 02, 05:47, Montreal
Check out Taki Heart,I fucked her on my brother's site BrunoB.com,she got a fucking tasty pussy.

2007 Mar 02, 05:45, Chicago
Some of the Bitches are just too hot to imagine,but some of the ghetto booty especially the super dark ones just look ugly.

2007 Feb 16, 07:11, paris
i like fuckin those white teens till the clittoris gets redder

2007 Feb 15, 08:08, suisse
Big up every body i like this site i became a famous fan of it.
I said Bravo.

2007 Jan 19, 20:06, Woodbridge, Va
This is an awesome site! The girlz are hott!

2007 Jan 04, 23:34, North Carolina
I enjoy this site. I am a white guy who has only been with black women. I was married for ten years and have dated and kept a girl on the side for years. Please people be open minded. Name calling and racism is becoming out-dated, find a new hobby.

2006 Dec 19, 23:26, LA
how can i get young bitches like dat


2006 Nov 02, 21:39, USA
nice site,
but have a stament to make
,whats with all the haters on here whites bashing black and black bashing whites,
dont make any sence to me at all
were all the same,for real i bet my blood is as red as yours
and to clear smething up to the white folks,
the word (nigger) is a atutude not a color
i met more WHITE NIGGERS in my life then black
at least black folk are up front in stead of talking sit outta site
anyways LOVE YA LADYS on HERE very nice
(hopfully this changed at least 1 hater in to a freindly
signed a WHITE GUY

2006 Oct 03, 04:46, SoufEast DC
great site

2006 Sep 27, 13:41, miama
yes l like it alot

2006 Sep 21, 06:05, usa
these girls rock. they are gettin paid for this shit as u might know.. from 2g's to ???
i think its big bucks for some..
but its all the same shit same thing he talks to em, they show the tits and they get naked and same positions with each one.. hey dude mix it up sopme and get someone to hold the fuckin camera it makles me dizzy when u use one hand to tilt and move the cam all around.. btw how the fuck u do that shit???

2006 Aug 24, 22:01, ron
i will love to fuck angie

Slong John
2006 Aug 17, 17:18, VA
Mostly professional girls on this site (seen them on various other sites). However, I would love to fuck Carmen.

im a perv
2006 Jul 25, 11:47, your mums window
im a dirty perv so i loved it so u will 2

2006 Jul 07, 07:32, ATL
Bullshit! Notever$ you are in denial. Black chicks are the easiest ones to get. They won't tell you because black men haven't come to terms with empowered black women. White men have. That's why our women are fucking you black dudes and everyone else. It's their choice. The black women are the same way. They won't tell you they like white guys for fear they'll be ostracized, but they do.

I've fucked about 30 black women that love to play the slave/master game. The shit is erotic and you know they love it. If not, you're just blind or in denial. Either way, you're a loser.

2006 Jul 05, 15:00, Gainesville, fl
Come on dude, You think that shit is real. Tell me once have you seen a cracker fucking so many black chicks. Not gonna happen. Now in our case, the black negro male, we fuck white fine chicks everyday. That's just reality. O yeah we do this for free. We ain't gotta flash 200$ 300$ dollars in those white hoes faces to fuck it's free.

Mr Cartman
2006 Jun 16, 13:16, Norway
Nice content but hey what's the use when you get cut off after two days and get no response to literally dozens of e-mails - a scam! Be warned!

2006 Jun 10, 01:01, new york
peace of shit site i bang better looking bitches than these nasty sluts

2006 Jun 06, 14:30, az.usa
angie is the hottest little piece of ass i've ever seen and the video lets me know she IS the freak of my dreams!!!!!!!

2006 Jun 03, 16:06, bronx
this shit is the best

2006 May 24, 02:16, x
This is the best black teen site I've ever seen in my whole life! Young, ,,innocent'', spicy black angels. The models of ,,Exploited Black Teens'' are gorgeous, especially Krystal and Adina. (After I have seen them, I don't want any white girls at all.) Now I'm only interested in having sex with innocent, cute black babes. I love the taste of brown sugar. I have already kissed a black girl, and it was great. I hope that in the near future I also will have sex with her. By the way, I'm a white male from Hungary, Europe.

2006 May 18, 19:40, here

2006 Apr 08, 04:00, hollywood florida
verry good pictures and sexy girls, just needs some vedio samples.

2006 Mar 29, 20:21, qld
The black the berry the sweeter the juice, fuck there hot, keep up the good work

2006 Mar 24, 09:39, 21078
The single best site that I have ever found.

2006 Feb 27, 23:18, KILLEEN
I would like to fuck some of that black pussy that you have over there.

2006 Jan 27, 13:40, atlanta
this side kills me, thats my sister mane.

2006 Jan 25, 04:05, LND
fuck da white breddars, who do they think they are? Exploited Black Teens ???? what the fuck are they trying to prove??. i hate dem whites dudes like that??This site is bull shit plus da white breddar has a small dick.. Da commets are disgusting mainly from da white perspective...Not impressed at all.

2006 Jan 10, 09:46, pa
alot of these girls are proffessional and not amatuer. its not hard for a person who watches alot of porn to know if its reality or not. i like to see fresh faces. and on this site ive seen thirty girls that are pros. its still porn so what the hell

big dog
2005 Dec 30, 20:27, ottawa
it fuckin rocks , i love black pussy.

paul p
2005 Dec 25, 22:27, in
one of the best sites i have ever been in thank you

dig dick
2005 Nov 18, 16:50, in ur pussy
i once fucked krystal no lie and man can see suck sum good dick

2005 Nov 09, 04:37, india
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2005 Sep 27, 13:00, barbados
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2005 Sep 27, 12:55, barbados
it is hott and the girls look good dark is sexy

2005 Aug 29, 10:28, NY
This Websites is the shit it gets me hard alot

2005 Jul 12, 13:19, ga
i was so happy i love girls

$ Bill
2005 Jul 05, 21:32, Dallas
Man, this is the best site I have seen period! Damn! These girls are not beginners much at all. Tight!

2005 Jun 22, 15:10, LA
very few pictures :( - overall a low quality site - does not deserve such a high rating.

2005 Jun 13, 14:30, texas
the girls are the finest i've ever seen

2005 Jun 10, 09:29, here
ohh....i like what I see man! I touhch my pussy every thime u know! Ahh!

Lovely Freak
2005 Jun 06, 23:09, TX
I am bi and I like what I see...... any of you girls wanna come over??

Pussy Pumpa
2005 Jun 01, 19:55, ATL
Shits Hot Keep It Up

Sex_Hunter 77
2005 May 11, 16:41, TSTC Waco,Tx.
Love everything thing about this site !!!!! My mouth waters when I'm on it !!!!!

the man
2005 May 10, 15:11, h town
Great site, amazing and beautiful ebony women for those who enjoy them. Great taste and not too dirty or disgusting.

2005 May 03, 12:22, Texas
Seriously though if you love young negro girls having sex with white men than check this site out

2005 May 03, 12:22, Texas
The finest in negro vagina!

2005 Apr 27, 00:26, alabama
I think a lot of the ladies are fabulous, but could the dude cut those nasty lookin nails? could he do something different? Every shoot goes by a formula: 1 blah blah/2. show me ur tits/3 suck me/4. now lemme fuck ya. Break it up a bit. The 2sums were nice, so that means somebody is trying.

2005 Mar 29, 08:06, texas
extremely erotic and sensual. I want some of that!!!!

2005 Mar 26, 10:12, NC
Black BABES rule the universe #1 !!!!!!!!

2005 Feb 24, 03:31, matuloo
very good

2004 Dec 24, 00:25, Toronto T.DOT
Let's break this shit down guys. I've seen the videos from this site extensively, and this is not the best ebony site. The best ebony site is Karadavis.com, the video quality is better, the video production is better, and exploitedblackteens advertises on Karadavis. Plus if you research these girls many are not "teens" or "amateurs", and they aren't getting exploited. Good site but far from the best.

2004 Dec 06, 23:36, DALLASTX
keep doin what cha do!!!!!!!

2004 Dec 03, 01:26, atlanta
I like this site because i love black pussy being streched around my11inch long and 2-1/4 inch around white cum slinging black ass hole pumping cock

nate south
2004 Sep 29, 13:15, atlanta ga
men this is ok the some girls look good.this were its not going to get nice motherfuckers how the fuck you get black teen fucking white men damn i can see a whiteman fuckin may be two black girls but like 30 of them hoes hell na and the white man who fuck the girl think hes a pimp the thing that piss me off was the man were ULGY as fuck they didnt pick them girls up like a pimp off the streets wihtout paying they paided them girls white man getting head from a black girl that is some shit motherfuckers you ant slick bitches i know and the people who made exploited black teens if you a real man hit me up atlantaga04@yahoo.com

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2004 Sep 28, 15:27, dallas
fuck all of them men who fucked thems girls niggers i can put up bullshit if i want to.white motherfuckers they think they some pimps because they fucked some black girls with small ass dick they some damn bitches

2004 Sep 26, 02:05, miami
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2004 Sep 13, 09:36, Bremen,Alabama
Your site is so fuckin hot .Beutiful Ebony Babes gettin rodded by a White Cock.I love it I also am a White man who prefers Black Pussy.Thanks for the website.

2004 Sep 10, 07:59, Bremen,Alabama
This site is the Best.I might be a little prejudgice since Black Girls are the most Beautiful girls in the world to me.They are great in bed,too.They know what sex is all about,having fun.

2004 Aug 05, 23:46, holland
its just cool i wish i can fuck avery time adiffernt black pussy.
how people doing it

darnell w beckley
2004 Jun 20, 20:01, toledo,ohio
the best teens site.

2004 Jun 15, 17:34, PA
Reply to BigBlackDick : Thanks for your comment. I know it is hard for the people on dialup to download whole scenes, but I personally prefer uncut scenes. But, I always mention whether the clips are in one piece or cut into smaller clips, and I did it also in this review so I guess you must have missed it.

Black big dic
2004 Jun 13, 17:34, Trinidad & Tobago
Good site great content and movies and great girls. Note a lot of people are not lucky enough to have broadband and they have to rely on 56K dial up; to us the way the movies are broken into pieces is really great for downloading. I think they should break them up into pieces no larger than 6MB for ease of downloading. Hey you guys with high speed, lucky you. You guys will have the best of both worlds. But remember to consider the reat of the world okay. Hey porn adept you should make it clear whether or not the sites have the movies disected into pieces or not for ease of reference for us type of guys and the general public.

2004 May 23, 09:51, Brasil
wonderful black women USA and free movies,my congratulations.

Santos- Brasil !

2004 Apr 18, 13:18, fl
this is some of the best porn i've ever seen

Happy Beer
2004 Apr 10, 22:49, Patchogue
This Is The Best Site On Porn That I've Seen.

And I've Seen 100's of Them--!.

2004 Mar 31, 10:09, Louisiana
Theses were some of the finest young ladies I have ever seen and I 'd like to see more

2004 Mar 23, 12:29, Chicago
One word: Beautiful

yo mama
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this website is the best, if there ever was a website to get you and your girl worked
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like it's an every day thang this website is without a doubt the best no matter what you prefer to see. they got big asses, big titty's even got girls who have cute fuck
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2004 Mar 16, 07:41, US
There are some of the best looking "black pearls" inside of this site. Pics and videos are well produced and in very good quality. Check it out.

2004 Mar 15, 12:54, Scotland
Liked your review.Went to the site and liked what I saw.hope to join soon.

2004 Mar 12, 17:41, houston
great fucking site!

2004 Mar 03, 11:49, pakitan
this is realy good side

2004 Feb 23, 08:45, ch
one of the best sites

HOT boy
2004 Feb 19, 01:17, KUWAIT
The site is very good I like it and Enjoyed

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